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Turning Subcontracting Into Profits

  Subcontracting is a simple but powerful concept. It can expand your business exponentially. How can you use it to double your available time, enlarge your skill set, and increase profits? Let’s consider an example of how easy and effective it … Continue reading

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Where & How To Find Subcontractors

Whats a subcontractor vs a virtual assistant? Virtual assistants are independent contractors or entrepreneurs who provide administrative assistance to multiple clients. Subcontracting is the initial service provider is in control but another provider does the work.  Unlike regular assistants, both … Continue reading

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Stop Your Search For Ethical Subs

If you’ve ever been frustrated about how difficult it is to find and hire an awesome subcontractor (or designer, tech help,  etc.) to take the overload of client work – your search is over! A friend of mine has been outsourcing(what … Continue reading

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Fast Turnover & Competitive Edge

An invaluable tool to business growth is subcontracting. It can be used strategically to influence corporate growth and financial stability. The key is to subcontract work which is non-essential or areas where the company lacks expertise. This frees valuable resources which … Continue reading

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Conquer Deadlines With Subcontracting

When it comes to meeting deadlines, one way to manage your timetable effectively is to divide the large jobs and farm them out to several freelancers. Lets say you’ve been awarded a writing job to write an e-book on childcare … Continue reading

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Employee Or Subcontractor?

Many employers have elected to hire subcontractors as a way to reduce costs and reduce liabilities. This can be an effective tool, but knowing the difference between what the IRS and other government agencies consider as an employee and a … Continue reading

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How to Keep Clients When You Subcontract Work

A common reason virtual assistants or affiliate managers don’t hire extra help is they think they’ll lose their clients. They reason that clients only want their projects completed by them and not someone else. While it is true that some … Continue reading

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Subcontractors Can Benefit Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants offer many services to clients, which may result in a heavy workload. You also may have realized that you don’t have the required skills to complete every task your clients – or potential clients – need. One solution is … Continue reading

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Advantages of Service Providers Working With Subcontractors

A subcontractor helps you with work projects, which has a variety of advantages. The relationship between you, as a service provider, and your subcontractors is important for successful. The fact that you’re making your clients happy and your subcontractors are … Continue reading

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Independent Contractor Or Employee

It is critical that you, the business owner, correctly determine whether the individuals providing services are employees or independent contractors. Generally, you must withhold income taxes, withhold and pay Social Security and Medicare taxes, and pay unemployment tax on wages … Continue reading

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