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Learn the basics about becoming a subcontractor

Subcontracting A Perfect Part Time Gig

Running A Home Business & Working Full Time Outside Your Home Very few people will claim they are bringing enough money home to meet all their needs and wants. Several will begin a home business to supplement their income while … Continue reading

Become a Subcontractor

Exactly What You Need – An RFP

Send a Job (RFP) directly to our Virtual Assistant Job Board A Request for Proposal (RFP) is something you write when you are looking for a company to complete a project for you. There are many benefits to writing an … Continue reading

Request For Barter

Learn From The Experienced

Not sure about the rest of you but I learn the most from those with experience.  That’s one of the biggest reasons I chose to subcontract for virtual service providers.  There’s not necessarily any traits I look for when chosing … Continue reading

Become a Subcontractor

What should subcontractor’s rates be?

Do you believe in paying subcontractors a fair wage, but  also believe, as a contractor, getting paid for securing the client and for managing the client as well as managing the subcontractor. So, that being said, most VA subcontractors may discount off … Continue reading

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Is it smart to start part-time?

If you won the lottery would you take it in one lump sum or a little at a time? For myself, I want to enjoy it and take it little by little. In my eyes the same things holds true … Continue reading

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Mindset of A Sub!

Prior to finding my subcontracting niche I must admit I was all over the board with my virtual assistant business. This week we’re discussing joining a team. What comes before that is getting the mindset of a subcontractor. Remember, you’re … Continue reading

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Wonder What They’re Looking For In A Subcontractor?

If you’re just beginning as a subcontractor and don’t know what multi-va firms are looking for.   Here is your chance to find out.  Each month I have a multi-va owner come on a Q&A Call as an advisor.  This month, August, … Continue reading

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How To Get a Subcontracting Project When You Have No Experience

Every virtual assistant posting seems to end the same way.  “Experience necessary.”  “Experience preferred.”  Some of them even say, “5+ years in business.”  Many newbies are facing the same conundrum:  How do you get experience if you have never worked virtually?  … Continue reading

Become a Subcontractor

Training How To Become A Virtual Assistant

As you are aware there are a number of programs out there related to being a VA. One of the things many of these programs are missing is showing you how to become a VA. The majority assume you know … Continue reading

Become a Subcontractor