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Strategize With Sara: Virtual Team 360 – 015

According to her high-achieving clients, Sara Oblak Speicher is a business strategist and performance mentor who brings serenity, peace and confidence back in their businesses and lives. Those online entrepreneurs say that she creates fun and ease in developing structures … Continue reading

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Share Your Business Story

When you think of putting your children to bed, what comes to mind? Or perhaps, what’s a favorite pastime when sitting around a campfire? Telling stories! Every parent knows how it engages them, excites them, and makes their eyes light … Continue reading

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My Biz Won’t Be Where It Is Without Podcasts

Without podcasts my business won’t be where it is today.  I’ve learned from many of the top notch experts and want to share some suggestions with you to help you continue to grow your business.   Whatever development arises from this … Continue reading

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Requests for Subcontracting Success Stories

I’m in the process of refreshing this resource website and will be adding a new feature called Success Stories. The new page will have a filtering engine that will allow current clients and prospects to see how other service providers … Continue reading

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Always Give a Trial Period When Hiring Subcontractors

The Setup You’ve decided take the plunge and outsource some work to a subcontractor. So, you ask a couple of colleagues for recommendations and they suggest Susie Sub. They say Susie is a hard worker with a variety of skills … Continue reading

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Hiring Subcontractors Helps You Concentrate On The Things You Do Best

Sometimes you can get so involved in a project that it’s difficult to focus your energy on the parts that you enjoy. Maybe you love writing, but you’ve been hired to build a website and you’re so stressed out from … Continue reading

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Options for Paying Your Subcontractors

Subcontractors or a virtual assistance team are self-employed professionals that can help add value to your business. Your clients pay you, but you pay your subcontractors. While this does create a little more work for you, the increase in your … Continue reading

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Ten Tips to Hiring Reliable Subcontractors

You worked hard to grow your service business and feel proud of your success. The time has come for you to make an important choice. You can either keep your business from growing further, or outsource some projects to subcontractors … Continue reading

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How to Choose a Subcontractor That Suits You

One recommendation to service providers who are trying to grow their business is to outsource things that don’t have time to do or don’t like to do. This could include anything from cleaning your house to writing your content. Even … Continue reading

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How to Keep Clients When You Subcontract Work

A common reason virtual assistants or affiliate managers don’t hire extra help is they think they’ll lose their clients. They reason that clients only want their projects completed by them and not someone else. While it is true that some … Continue reading

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